Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

Some people think that having a website is good enough for Online Marketing or Digital Marketing as they are having a digital presence and customers will automatically visit their website. No it’s not so.

Though creating a website is a good starting point for digital marketing it is not enough. You may get some traffic from people whom you have met & exchanged your visiting cards during events or meetings. But that is enough. You need to drive visitors to your website and these visitors should be your sales prospects who can convert into customers. Only then will your website help you to grow your business and expand.

Some of the other misconceptions of Online Digital Marketing are:

  • Facebook Ads or Scial Media Marketing is Online Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Search engine Optimizing) is SEO Digital Marketing.
  • Email Marketing is Digital Marketing
  • Google Adwwords  is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is actually all of it working comprehensively and in tandem. It’s about:

  • Building a proper interactive & responsive Website
  • Doing SEO to bring the long tail traffic
  • Doing Adwords to grab the keywords with intent and identifying the keywords content match
  • Analyzing Customer Behavior and getting Insights with Google Analytics
  • Doing Social Media Marketing to connect with your customers and audience
  • Doing Facebook Ads to expand your message and audience reach
  • Doing Email Marketing to build relationship with your audience and nurture the leads
  • Blogging to gain expert status and credibility

It’s about having the right online marketing mix that can deliver website traffic, conversions, and sales.

It’s about using the different components of Digital Marketing for a business advantage and producing results to boost sales and brand image of a business.

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